Milestones of Teikoku Databank, Ltd.

The Birth of Teikoku Databank

Originally founded as a credit research business, Mr. Takeo Goto independently establishes the company on March 3, 1900 with the mission to “protect corporations form fraud.”

First Peak Period

By 1926, the business had grown to become the market leader in the credit reporting industry in Japan, with 54 offices in Japan and overseas.


In 1968, Teikoku Databank pioneered the use of information technology, being the first in the industry to use computers to build its business information database.

The Launch of Database Services

In 1970, the company established an extensive database of financial information, plus a company coding system to meet diversified business needs. The company introduced its Corporate Financial Database in 1972 and the Company Profile Database in 1974.

Introduction of Marketing Services

In 1990, Teikoku Databank launched a new business intelligence service. The company’s years of information collection expertise and its proprietary research infrastructure provided a solid foundation for this new service, so vital to its clients’ success.

Takeo Goto
Takeo Goto, founder of Teikoku Databank, Ltd., 1900.
Teikoku Databank buildings 1926
One of the buildings constructed during the early history of the company, seen in 1926.
Teikoku Databank office 1926
A typical Teikoku Databank, Ltd., office scene from the early 1900′s

Company Timeline

1900 Teikoku Koshin-sho (detective agency) is established.
1926 The company grows to become number one in the industry.
1964 The monthly “National Corporate Bankruptcy Report” is launched.
1968 Computers are introduced at the firm, for the first time in the industry.
1972 The COSMOS corporate information database service is launched.
1981 The company is renamed Teikoku Databank, Ltd., and concentrates on business-to-business services.
1988 The company launched COSMOSNET, an online corporate information service.
1990 Marketing and planning services are added to the company’s offerings.
1992 Teikoku Databank America, Inc., (TDA) is founded in New York.
2001 Teikoku Databank, Ltd., launches a bankruptcy probability modeling service.
2002 The monthly “Teikoku Databank Economic Trends Research” is launched.
2004 Teikoku Databank Credit information Korea, Ltd., is founded.
2007 The Teikoku Databank Historical Museum opens in Tokyo.