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Company Credit Reports


What We Do

Expand the business to Japan and across the globe. Our Japan Credit Report and International Credit Report offer the critical key factors for credit risk assessment.

Credit report

Credit Report Japan


CCR Report

The "Comprehensive Company Research(CCR)" report is based on information collected by TEIKOKU DATABANK researchers throughout Japan who personally visited each company. We introduce key terms in the report, containing the current status of companies from different perspectives.


Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot, created based on our Comprehensive CCR, provides basic corporate information on a business, including the identification details, brief financials and our credit rating, etc. Our database of Japanese companies is the largest in Japan, and registered companies are updated at least every 12 months.

Analysis of Financial Statements

Analysis of Financial Statements provides financial analysis on the profitability, solvency, liquidity, and stability of a business along with the industry benchmark and break-even point analysis.​

With our own network constructed over 100 years of our expertise in credit research, we can provide financial statements on not only listed companies but also unlisted companies and SMEs in Japan, which are otherwise unavailable to the public.

How Our Credit Reports Compare

Reports Compare

Japanese reports

Credit Rating*
Management Background
Suppliers & Customers
Financial Profile
Operating Records**
Operation & Outlook
Credit Rating *
Incorporated Date
​Paid Up Capital
Management Background
Operating Records**
Financial Analysis
- Profitability
- Efficiency
- Safeness/Stability
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Consolidated/Unconsolidated Accounts
Income Statement

* Teikoku Databank’s proprietary, independently developed score evaluates the company’s credit worthiness based on its history, net worth, size, profitability, management, business vitality, financial condition, and other key factors. Our rating system has become the national standard in Japan, used by major financial institutions and the government.

** For operation records, we provide last 3 terms of record.

  • Available data may vary, based on the cooperation of the subject company.

  • The depth of information provided varies by product. For example, the CCR report provides considerable detail on company capital resources, including the capital record, issuable capital, paid-up capital, unit capital, and more. The Company Snapshot contains a summary level of data on the company’s capital. For details, please download a sample report.


Credit report

Credit Report Worldwide


Our worldwide business credit reports cover firms in more than 200 countries. Teikoku Databank America is proud to provide this efficient, one-stop solution to clients who have international businesses interests. The report format may vary for each country. Find your target country from the list below.

Credit reports are available for companies in:

  • Africa – South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, and more

  • Asia – Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and more

  • Caribbean – British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, and more

  • Europe (eastern) – Russia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, and more

  • Europe (western) – Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, and more

  • Latin America – Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, and more

  • Middle East – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, and more

  • North America – USA and Canada

  • Oceania – Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Rota, Saipan, and more

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