Teikoku Databank America’s mission is straightforward: Based on over 100 years of experience, combined with a deep commitment to Japan’s tradition of outstanding customer service, TDA supports companies, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and related entities to create innovative, growth-oriented and profitable businesses across the globe.
TDA also aims to deliver customized research services to find accurate and actionable answers to client questions, based on our comprehensive analytic capabilities, and our access to Teikoku Databank’s global information assets about businesses around the world.

Our Mission: The purpose of Teikoku Databank America as a company

  • To be a trusted service provider among companies across the globe
  • To support our clients in achieving their business objectives
  • To make a difference, contributing to the goals of organizations and companies

Vision: How we will accomplish our mission

  • Neutrality: We listen to, collect, analyze, and deliver business information responsibly
  • Business Ethics: We behave according to the highest ethical standards, with respect for all companies with whom we do business
  • Dedicated Staff: We motivate and inspire each other, maintaining a professional environment, to maximize the potential of the individual employee

Values: What we value as a company

  • Enthusiasm: We foster an environment of passion and joy
  • Legacy: Extending our founder’s standards of excellence to future generations
  • Accuracy: We are committed to delivering the highest quality in all our services