Our Custom Research Services offer timely analytic solutions to specific business problems. Learn how our clients have benefited from this real-time dedicated support for their business projects in three industry categories.

TDA’s Custom Research Services begins with a client briefing. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your business concerns and objectives. Next, we suggest the research types and methods that will best produce the answers you need. We then conduct our research and present our detailed findings at your convenience.

We provide research expertise in the areas of Company Analysis, Risk Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Industry Analysis, Customer Analysis, and more. Call us today at (212) 421-9805, or Email us, to discuss your custom research needs.

General Engineering

One of Japan’s top construction companies needed a strategic analysis of two particular competitors who had successfully expanded their businesses overseas.
We conducted pre-research on the subject firms and noticed that their M&A activity had doubled in the prior five years. We proposed a research study with strong focus on the mergers and acquisitions history of the two firms over the past six years. We also researched the strategic environment that led the two firms to success in international business development.
Our report covered the following topics:

  • Business description and model
  • Business performance assessment
  • Strategies and challenges
  • Competitive assessment
  • SWOT analysis
  • Key acquisitions
  • Alliance and projects
  • Management overview
  • Recent news
  • Complete interview transcripts
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Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

A manufacturer of tunneling machinery requested research to determine which of two countries would offer the most profitable business opportunity.
We researched specific indicators for tunneling projects in the two designated countries over the prior ten years. We analyzed the following topics in detail, and developed recommendations on how the client could best compete in these two markets:

  • Market scale
  • Cities with strong demand
  • Market investment conditions
  • Market share
  • Category forecast
  • Tunneling technology / equipment
  • Grouting Methods
  • Shotcrete application
  • Major industry players
  • Analysis of the markets
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A prestigious Japanese institution of higher education needed data on bankruptcies in the Japanese IT sector between the years 2000 to 2010. They had only a limited budget for research.
We extracted from our database the number of bankruptcies in each IT market segment and provided bankruptcy counts recorded during the ten years in question. The client was extremely pleased with our prompt and economical solution to their research problem.
We selected this data from a variety of available search criteria, including:

  • Bankruptcy background
  • Timeframe
  • Location
  • Sales
  • Employee counts
  • Industry
  • Related companies
  • Liability
  • Capital structure
  • Type of bankruptcy, and more
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