• Are you confident that you have all the information you need about your business partners?
    There may be financial risks you should know about.
  • What else do you need to know about your target markets?
    You may not be aware of all the risks or opportunities.
  • Are you missing business opportunity because you lack up-to-date information?

Teikoku Databank America offers complete and accurate business information to support your strategic decision-making. Learn everything you need to know about companies of interest in Japan and over 200 other countries worldwide.

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Business Credit Reports

Gain rich insights into your target companies to maximize your profits and minimize your risks. We offer complete credit reports on over 1.43 million companies in Japan. Each report is compiled from in-person interviews with senior management. We also provide business credit reports—with guaranteed accuracy and completeness—on firms in over 200 countries worldwide. We also offer custom reporting services to meet your needs.Each of our business credit reports includes:

  • Detailed financial statements
  • Government records on the company
  • Background on company history, management, and legal status
  • Payment records
  • Credit score
  • Analysis and discussion from our investigators
  • Business registration
  • Company banking relationships
  • Ownership of company locations
  • Type of business activity
  • Major shareholders
  • Related company listings
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Targeted Business Lists

Set your search criteria and build your own list of prospective companies in your target markets.

Targeting Firms in Japan

Compile your own custom lists with our easy-to-use templates. You can choose from three convenient layouts, using data from a variety of categories, including:

  • Company overview
  • Industry
  • Company history
  • Operations
  • Financial structure
  • Company contacts

Japanese Bankruptcies

Get an up-to-date view of bankruptcy status and trends in Japan, with data compiled beginning from 1983.

Targeting Firms Worldwide

Build your own custom lists of companies in over 200 countries around the world. We offer complete and accurate data on:

  • Sales
  • Credit rating
  • Number of employees
  • Primary business
  • Management team
  • Telephone numbers
  • Contacts’ full names
  • Contacts’ titles
  • Contacts’ email addresses
  • Revenue
  • Complete addresse
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Custom Research Services

We offer custom research services to support your strategic decision-making. Tell us about your challenges, and we will propose a customized solution to find answers to your questions about markets, competitors, product usage, and customer satisfaction—whatever you need.Take advantage of our qualitative and quantitative research options. We can conduct research for you via on-site visits, or telephone-based interviews. We can also find answers through secondary research using our proprietary resources and expertise. Rely on us for your projects in such areas as:

  • Market research
  • Company investigations
  • Industry trends and analysis
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
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