Teikoku Databank publishes Bankruptcy Alert and Monthly Bankruptcy Report, as well as the widely respected monthly Japanese Economic Trend Research reports. The resources are available at no cost, below. Also see our Press section for recent releases about important economic news. And check our blog, for news and commentary on the world of business intelligence.

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Bankruptcy Alert

Teikoku Databank Bankruptcy Alerts provide the latest information on Japan’s most serious bankruptcies, with news about firms that go through legal liquidation with liabilities greater than 500 million yen.
Teikoku Databank publishes a monthly report of the largest 15 bankruptcies in the month. Our Monthly Bankruptcy Reports also include a ratio comparing the total company liabilities of the month versus that of the previous fiscal month and the same month a year ago.

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Japan Economic Trends Research

Take advantage of free access our monthly Economic Trend Research reports: Industry-specific Assessments of Small- to Medium-sized Businesses. You’ll get updates on statistical survey results, by industry, based on data from over 20,000 small- to medium-sized companies in Japan.
How to read Japan Economic Trends Research.

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