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Highest economic DI since consumption tax increase

- Continuous upswing thanks to a strong consumer durable goods market and despite the adverse impact of an exceptional rainy season on some industries -

(Companies researched: 23,621 ; Valid responses: 10,265; Response rate: 43.5%; Survey start date: May 2002)

<Trends as of August: Continuous recovery>

Economic diffusion index (DI) in August 2017 was 47.7, up 0.1 from the previous month. This was the third consecutive month of recorded improvement. Some industries and areas in Japan were adversely impacted by a long span of wet weather. However, Japan’s economy as a whole, exhibited a steady recovery mostly thanks to strong sales of consumer durable goods. The economic DI was the highest since the increase in the consumption tax

<Future Outlook: Gradual upward trend>

This rebounding economy will continue due to strong demand from abroad and the expansion of domestic demand (such as capital investment and consumer spending).

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