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Business confidence of SMEs marked a record high

- Economic DI of 50.9, improvement for seven consecutive months -

(Companies researched: 23,113 ; Valid responses: 10,168; Response rate: 44.0%; Survey start date: May 2002)

<Overview of December 2017: Expansion>

The economic diffusion index (DI) in December 2017 was 50.9, up 0.9 points from the previous month, and an improvement for seven consecutive months. Since February 2017, the DI has improved every month, except May in which the DI remained flat. With year-end demand in addition to a strong manufacturing industry, business confidence by industry and size was improved, and the domestic economy expanded.

<Future outlook: Expansion continues>

The expansion in the domestic economy is expected to continue, with the corporate sector such as exports and capital investments leading the way, and is also supported by tax reform for domestic and foreign corporations.

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